10 Meteorite Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Most people know that meteorites are rocks that fall from the sky, but there’s a lot more to these space rocks than meets the eye. Here are 10 fascinating facts about meteorites that you probably didn’t know.

1. Meteorites are older than the Earth

The oldest meteorites are 4.5 billion years old, which is around 1 billion years older than the Earth.

2. Meteorites come in all shapes and sizes

The largest meteorite ever found was the Hoba meteorite in Namibia, which weighs an incredible 66 tons. The smallest meteorites are just a few millimetres in size.

3. Meteorites are not all made of rock

Some meteorites are made of iron and nickel, while others are made of a mix of rock and metal.

4. Meteorites can be valuable

The most valuable meteorite ever found is the Fukang meteorite, which is made of iron and nickel and is worth an estimated $10 million.

5. Meteorites can be dangerous

While most meteorites are too small to cause any damage, the largest ones can be extremely dangerous. The Chelyabinsk meteorite, which exploded over Russia in 2013, injured over 1,000 people.

6. Meteorites can be used to date other rocks

The ages of rocks can be determined by measuring the radioactive decay of elements within them. However, this method is not always accurate. Meteorites, on the other hand, can be used to more accurately date other rocks because they have not been affected by the Earth’s geological processes.

7. Meteorites can help us understand the solar system

Meteorites can provide valuable insights into the formation and evolution of the solar system. For example, the composition of some meteorites suggests that they come from Mars, which helps us to understand the geological history of the red planet.

8. Meteorites can be used to make jewellery

Some meteorites, such as the Gibeon meteorite, are used to make jewellery and other objects. The iron in the meteorite gives it a unique pattern that is highly prized by collectors.

9. Meteorites can be used to make tools

The high-quality steel that can be made from meteorites has been used to make tools and other objects for centuries. In fact, some of the best quality steel in the world is made from meteorites.

10. Meteorites are a valuable resource

Meteorites are a valuable scientific resource and are studied by scientists all over the world. They can provide insights into the formation of the solar system, the history of the Earth, and the composition of other planets.

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